• June

    Great chill playlist– it would be even greater if you created a playlist on spotify so that it is easier to subscribe to?

  • Adam

    I did just find out this blog and I just simlpy are stuck! I would realy want to know the url for the songs so I can get them on my blog. It would be really helpful and I would be grateful for it.

    But I love cerael magazine! It´s the best time to read in the week!

  • Webster | United Kingdom

    Such a beautiful image and equally moving music

  • Bete Autran

    both pic and track — amazing!

  • Raymond

    can’t get out of this.

  • Michael Bryant Mode

    Great playlist.

  • Emily

    Great list! 8tracks is a great place to post playslits as well.

  • Linnéa i Colorado

    this picture is perfect

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