Cereal Volume 6

June 6, 2014

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A selection of spreads from Cereal Volume 6.

In this volume, we travel to Singapore, Brecon Beacons (Wales) and Vancouver (Canada). In the interlude, we look into Succulents as house plants, conduct a visual study of a Le Labo scent and showcase some of our favourite sunglasses.

Order a copy here: shop.readcereal.com/product/volume-6

  • L.A.

    Hi! Like your magazine! Could you tell me where I can buy those white clips? Thanks in advance!

  • Lyudyth

    It was again magical. Loved the part with the succulents.Your magazine is stillness and constant stimulus for my mind.

  • Ben

    Now you really have ousted the food stuff?
    Last issue you told those of us who enjoyed the food writing not to worry, you had a small story about honey, now nothing?

  • thecitygourmand

    Simply love the photography here, and every issue for that matter

  • Motilayo W.

    Your blog is absolutely amazing.
    Adore all the photos you make!

    Much love, M

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