Curated: Jewellery

23 December 2016

Cereal presents a curated collection of jewellery, exploring the response of each unique piece to light, from a brilliant glint to a pale shimmer. The designs all share a sense of returning to natural elements and understated geometric forms.
ABOVE: Matte Pyramid Guilloche Bracelets 9g, 13g, 23g, 33g, and 41g in sterling silver by LE GRAMME
LEFT: The London Collection rose gold rock crystal quartz and diamond pendant by WILLIAM & SON
RIGHT: Sphere drop earrings in gold by J.W. ANDERSON
LEFT: Moonstone ring by KERRY SEATON
RIGHT: Zaha Hadid Twisted Cuff in silver, Zaha Hadid Long Cuff in silver, and Möbius bangle in silver by GEORG JENSEN
LEFT: Harness Saddle Bracelet in natural stone and white lacquer, Harness Cavalier Bracelet in natural stone and burgundy lacquer by HERMÈS
RIGHT: Pearl Elipse earring in yellow gold and fresh water pearl by SACAI + SOPHIE BILLE BRAHE