Explore Cereal


Coming Winter 2013

EXPLORE is scheduled to launch later this year and will allow you to discover cities, towns and regions all over the world, presented in a format and style akin to the way we currently narrate each travel destination in the print publication.

We are now hard at work creating in-house content, and would like to invite you to make a submission – whether it’s a written feature, a set of photographs, a short film, an illustrated itinerary, or all of the above!

We are in search of timeless, varied and unique subject matter: striking architecture; beautiful public spaces like parks, trails and beaches; historical landmarks and significant sights; museums and galleries; interesting neighbourhoods; and unique cultural aspects such as language and cuisine. And of course we’re interested in the best shops, restaurants and hotels too – but we want to know what makes these places stand out from the rest.

You can submit your ideas and features by using the submit button below. If you are sending us hi-res photos or videos, please send them to us via Wetransfer or Dropbox.

If you want your submission to be a part of our launch, please be sure to submit by end of August/early September. This does not mean that you cannot submit past those dates; we will continue to accept submissions after launch to consistently update and improve our content.

We will review every submission, but will not be able to respond to everyone so we apologise for this in advance. You will be contacted if we decide to move forward with your feature. We look forward to hearing from you.