29 October 2013


Fika (Pronounced FEE-Ka) is a Swedish word that’s often used as a verb, which means ‘to take a coffee break’. A typical fika ritual includes a sweet accompaniment to your coffee, like a cookie or a cinnamon roll. These social outings are an integral part of Swedish culture.

Fika Cafe, which recently opened in Toronto’s Kensington Market, provides a fantastic venue for practicing this tradition. The interior is light and spacious, aptly styled in a Scandinavian manner. The cafe mascot – a Swedish pony – can be found adorning coffee cups, placed on shelves and table tops as well as spotted in photos hanging on the walls. Good coffee and pastries are what the cafe’s known for, and it is the ideal place to fika.

Words & Photos: Rich Stapleton

3 thoughts on “Fika

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  2. I’m a big foodie and I live in the village of Kensington Market… because of your article, I’m going there tomorrow. So many great coffee shops here… but your pastries sound tempting. See you soon!

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