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20 December 2013

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GUIDED –  a collection of bespoke, online travel guides – officially beta launches today!

We, at Cereal magazine, have spent this past year in tireless travel, seeking places that we believe to be unique, interesting, and enjoyable. Our aim is to produce guides that would befit Cereal readers and modern travellers alike, recommending a tightly edited selection of experiences that combine quality, meticulous design with accessibility. If the food is top-notch, so too is the space that accompanies it. And the finely crafted garments, accessories, and homewares that we’ve selected as our favourites, are all affordable luxuries. You’ll soon notice that our version of the perfect trip is weaved in with an understated flair and a penchant for grand landscapes – both natural and manmade.

Every guide on this site has been curated and created by us and our team of international contributors. We’ve visited each location and can personally vouch for its merits. All of the copy and photography is original and exclusive to GUIDED and have been produced with the same, exacting efforts that drive our print publication.

We’ve opted to keep our guides online due to the flexibility and opportunity that it offers. Our guides will be ‘live’, being frequently updated and amended. If a business closes, that venue will be immediately replaced with another of a similar persuasion. If there’s a new shop or a café that catches our eye, it’ll make its way to our suggested list. We’ve secured GUIDED ambassadors in each city that we’ve covered, to make sure they always keep us in the loop.

These guides beautifully complement what we do at Cereal magazine. Our print title is focussed on the timeless, the cultural, and the historical. We often discuss, at length, languages, local cuisines, architecture, and classic sights, so GUIDED is its welcome counterpart. Here you’ll find all of the practical advice you need on where to stay, where to eat, what to see, and where to shop. Together they form a holistic approach to travel that we live by.

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7 thoughts on “Guided by Cereal

  1. As a creative producer and director, my visual heart sings with the discovery of this wonderful CEREAL. And since reigniting my travel desires after a long night’s sleep, I”ll use GUIDE as my prime travel tool. Thank you from the bottom of my heart as I look forward to your many wonderful stirrings to come!

  2. What a brilliant idea! I have recently discovered your publication and am in love with the words and pictures that are so beautifully expressed. Travel is my greatest love and I’m so excited to learn about and see the world with help from these guides.

    1. Just got the iPhone and am studying the tutariol; and also have a counseling session set up with one of the ATT tech’s to speed up the process. Like it better than by Blackberry so far, but the signal is weak at my home/office; and the battery life isn’t very good.David

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