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  • Winter Playlist 2019

    Winter Playlist 2019

    A selection of songs for the winter season.

  • The Loft Pots

    The Loft Pots

    An exhibition by Steve Harrison at Blue Mountain School, London.

  • Alpine Air

    Alpine Air

    Exploring the art and nature of St. Moritz, Switzerland, with a visit to Badrutt’s Palace, Museum Susch, and Hauser and Wirth’s latest gallery.

  • Francis at Connolly

    Francis at Connolly

    A collaborative show at Connolly’s Clifford Street townhouse in Mayfair, London.

  • Autumn Playlist 2019

    Autumn Playlist 2019

    A selection of songs to accompany the autumn season.

  • Fan Ho

    Fan Ho

    A delve into the archives of photographer Fan Ho, whose unique street photography offers a glimpse of life in Hong Kong during the 1950s and 60s.

  • Breaking with Convention

    Breaking with Convention

    Danish artists Frederik Nystrup-Larsen and Oliver Sundqvist discuss their collaborative process, the role of intuition in their work, and how one determines the value of art.

  • Resonant Space

    Resonant Space

    Visiting Lee Ufan’s Paris studio in the ninth arrondissement.

  • Summer Playlist 2019

    Summer Playlist 2019

    Our latest selection of songs to audibly accompany the summer season.

  • Modern Archive

    Modern Archive

    Francis Gallery’s inaugural show at its permanent location in Bath, UK, in the ground floor of a restored Grade II listed Georgian townhouse. Featuring works by multidisciplinary artist Romy Northover, studio potter Yoon-Young Hur, and photographer Matthew Johnson.

  • Space Within the Colour

    Space Within the Colour

    A visit to the New York studio of abstract artist Stanley Whitney, to discuss his decades-long process of elimination that led to the discovery of his artistic voice.

  • Material and Form

    Material and Form

    An insight into Rich Stapleton’s artistic residency at Numeroventi, Florence, and the ensuing photographic exhibition, FORMA – an exploration of the relationship between material and sculptural form, through the medium of photography.

  • Spring Playlist 2019

    Spring Playlist 2019

    Our latest selection of songs to audibly accompany the spring season.

  • A Sense of Belonging

    A Sense of Belonging

    The inaugural show of MASA Gallery, a collective of designers, collectors and curators based in Mexico City. The show, titled Collective/Collectible, is exhibited in an abandoned 1970s mansion in the city.

  • Villa Carmignac

    Villa Carmignac

    Exploring the secluded art gallery Villa Carmignac, set on the forested isle of Porquerolles, off the southern coast of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

  • Winter Playlist 2018

    Winter Playlist 2018

    Our collection of songs to audibly accompany the winter season.

  • Kettle’s Yard

    Kettle’s Yard

    Exploring the art collection and former home of Jim Ede in Cambridge, England.

  • Autumn Playlist 2018
  • The Photographic Object

    The Photographic Object

    A conversation with collector, art dealer and historian James Hyman, to discuss an exhibition of his photographic collection at the Hepworth Wakefield in West Yorkshire, England.

  • Natural Forms

    Natural Forms

    Exploring Francis Gallery’s pop-up show at 99 Crawford St, Marylebone, London; exhibiting works by sculptor Mari-Ruth Oda, painter Spencer Fung, and ceramicist Kim Sang-In.

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