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A whole world in 20 arrondissements, spiralling out from the banks of the Seine. The first, the Paris of cinema, the second, a shrine to shopping, three and four, more shiny than seedy, while five is for searchers of Latin charm. Gainsbourg lived in the sixth, seven hosts the Eiffel Tower, eight is pricey, nine and 10 are patchy, while 11 is edgily cool. 12 means cheap sleeps, 13 spells Chinatown, 14 slumbers, 15 remembers better days and expats swarm to 16. 17, up-and-coming, 18, Toulouse-Lautrec! The green spaces of 19 and 20, finally, allow us to pause ...

  • France
  • CDG / ORY
  • French
  • EUR
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Words: Marissa Cox    Photos: Emilie Guelpa