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FvF x Cereal: A series of creative interviews

We are excited to announce our collaboration with international interview magazine Freunde von Freunden, to produce a series of online features about inspired, creative people from around the world.

FvF – celebrated for presenting personal perspectives that offer insights on creative people, cities, artistic industries, and global urban living – shares our passion for a comprehensive editorial approach. We both enjoy studying our subjects with a detailed eye, revealing elements beyond the obvious. We achieve this by going behind the scenes, discovering what happens in the office and at home, on and off duty.

Addressing our global readership, we will be working together in the coming months to author interviews that intersect the FvF and Cereal focus and interest. Our first joint feature is on New York-based accessories brand Haerfest, which will go live this Thursday, 19 September.

FvF x Cereal: A series of creative interviews

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