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  • Reconciling Differences

    Reconciling Differences

    Ian Collings shares the thinking and the joy behind his stone sculptures and functional objects.

  • Iconic Forms

    Iconic Forms

    A study of some of the most iconic pieces from Cartier’s oeuvre: featuring four watches and three jewellery designs from its 174-year history.

  • Chillida Leku

    Chillida Leku

    On a hilltop near San Sebastián, the Chillida Leku sculpture park showcases the monumental works of Eduardo Chillida.

  • A Particular Mood

    A Particular Mood

    Moro Dabron’s candles and perfumes reflect an ardent interest in interiors. After the candles have burnt out, the vessels are intended to be repurposed as keepsakes for flower stems.

  • Stone House

    Stone House

    Stone House is a synthesis of competing trends in late modernist thought and design, which Isamu Noguchi dubbed a “modern temple”.

  • The Muse

    The Muse

    Mariah Nielson of Permanent Collection and sculptor Simone Bodmer-Turner discuss their collaboration on the Muse Earrings – a reproduction of a pair Nielson’s father, JB Blunk, gave her mother in the 1970s.

  • Between Past and Future

    Between Past and Future

    Massimo De Carlo’s Milan galleries, Lombardia and Belgioioso, provide beautiful yet challenging spaces for the presentation of contemporary art.

  • Taller Sert

    Taller Sert

    Designed in partnership with his dear friend Josep Lluís Sert, Miró’s Mallorca studio, the Taller Sert, is a work of art in its own right.

  • Korea Furniture Museum

    Korea Furniture Museum

    The Korea Furniture Museum: a collection of furniture — or in some cases entire buildings — gathered from across Korea and reassembled onsite into 10 hanok structures.

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